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After School:

Elementary Programs

   Numbers: Kids Unlimited provides free after school enrichment activities to hundred of children each week in three locations in West Medford, Oregon. Located at three of the region’s most vulnerable schools – Oak Grove, Washington and Jackson elementaries – the programs seek to enhance education and social opportunities for challenged kids and their families.

   Focus: The focus of the program is to create a healthy and enriching environment that focuses on the importance of education. A daily one-hour homework assistance program targets students’ areas of need. The program also offers weekly lessons in health and science, sports, cultural arts and enrichment opportunities plus fun field trips and exciting guest speakers.

   Collaboration: Kids Unlimited ensures quality educational experiences by working collaboratively with school staff to determine the needs and educational goals for each student enrolled. By targeting individual requirements, Kids Unlimited programs have achieved measurable success in raising academic grades, benchmark test scores and citizenship evaluations, as well as in improving attendance and in decreasing behavioral referrals.

   Longevity: One of the most striking aspects of the Kids Unlimited experience is the longevity of our relationships with young people. Many of the students who began in the elementary program in 1998 remain engaged in middle- and high-school programs today. Our organization is committed to providing continuity in staffing and programs that allows members to find meaningful programs at every age of development.

   Parental involvement: All Kids Unlimited after school programs are free to young people to ensure that everyone may participate. Instead of using fees to guarantee access, Kids Unlimited relies on an innovative parent involvement model that focuses on family engagement. All parents of kids in the Kids Unlimited program must volunteer five hours of community service time each month. This model has been crucial in creating parent investment in our program. Through this program, we have witnessed parents who have become more engaged with their children, their schools and their community. 

Middle School Programs:

  One of the most innovative programs offered by Kids Unlimited is the middle school program aimed at young people in grades seven and eight. Targeting one of the most difficult-to-reach populations, the program seeks to keep kids engaged at an age when many are suddenly faced with opportunities for risky educational and social behavior. The program offers daily tutoring and education activities aimed at helping kids meet increased academic expectations. Our education lab is staff by a credentialed teacher assisted by trained mentors.  The program mandates educational achievement while leveraging activities in the arts, music, leadership and sports. As with the elementary program, parent volunteer time is the only tuition, providing a rare opportunity for parents to maintain engagement with their adolescent youth. In just two years, the homework tutoring program has witnessed amazing results. Students have increased their academic achievement, bringing grades up from Ds and Fs to straight-As.

  The program coordinates with the Medford School District’s PALS online tracking system so that student strengths and needs can be directly monitored via classroom reports.


SUNDAY: No Activities
MONDAY: Ed Lab / Homework Assistance -   KEEP IT R.E.A.L. (recreation education and lifeskills)
TUESDAY: Ed Lab / Homework Assistance - SCIENCE PROJECTS
WEDNESDAY: Ed Lab / Homework Assistance - Creative Writing Club - HOOP CLUB
THURSDAY: Ed Lab / Homework Assistance -  HOOP  CLUB

FRIDAY: Ed Lab / Homework Assistance - KU Basketball Practices

SATURDAY: MBA Basketball League - FUN Co.


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